Gather’Round Carts to Charge Acer Chromebooks

Acer Chromebook


Acer C740 & C738T Chromebooks
Acer C730E & C731 Chromebooks

DS-GR-CB-S24-C (24 capacity)


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DS-GR-CB-M32-C (32 capacity)

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DS-GR-CB-L40-C (40 capacity)


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DS-UNIVAULT-24 (24 capacity)

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DS-UNIVAULT-30 (30 capacity)

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DS-UNIVAULT-36 (36 capacity)

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DS-UNIVAULT-GC (30 & 36 capacity)

Bundled with Gripcases

Univault Carts with Gripcases

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DS-NETVAULT-GC-C740-20 (20 capacity)

Bundled with 20 Gripcases

Netvault with Gripcases

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If you need to support a model we are not displaying, feel free to contact us.