Solutions to Secure and Charge Chromebooks







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Secure Storage & Charging

Carts provide security, storage and charging for Chromebooks. They protect your equipment with best-in-class security and have compact footprints.


Secure Storage & Charging

Steel cabinets protect Chromebooks on tabletop and counters, providing best-in-class security, storage and charging. Dividers are adjustable to accommodate virtually all types of Chromebooks.

GatherRound carts improve classroom management and instructional time

Top load design has unique features that help teachers teach. Unique features in a full range of compact, secure carts.

Wide Range of Choices:

Capacity, Format, Size

Top-loading and front-loading options that help future-proof your investment. Durable, compact carts and cabinets store Samsung, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba and more.

Solutions To Charge and Secure Chromebooks

Chromebook Carts and Cabinets

Chromebook deployments are making great use of an affordable platform that can be used for assessments, instruction, web access and other instructional needs.  But keeping them charged and protecting them when stored is a critical part of their use, as it has been for notebooks, netbooks and mobile devices.

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Chromebooks used in instructional and assessment programs often require storage that handles a large number of devices and makes it easy to deliver them where they are used.  Datamation Systems carts are the most compact and secure storage solutions you can find.  A variety of sizes and styles gives you choices that fit your needs.  In a dedicated testing location, fixed cabinets can be an efficient and secure option. A simple formula: more time = better teaching + better classroom management.


NetSafe cabinetsChromebooks used in classroom and testing often require storage and charging where they are used.  Datamation Systems cabinets and safes are the most compact and secure storage solutions you can find.  A variety of sizes and styles give you choices that fit your needs. 
NetVault cabinets offer mobility and high level of security while charging up to 24 Chromebooks.  NetSafe safes are highly compact, very secure and can charge a wide range of Chromebooks, tablets, iPads and more.

Whatever your deployment strategy, Datamation Systems’ unique and innovative Gather ‘Round Chromebook carts have a top-loading design that lets teachers move Chromebooks out for quick distribution to students and return them quickly for charging.  No more bending and stooping to get to the devices . . . and no more crowding at the doors to pull the devices for use.  Click here for the details

It’s simple: more time = better teaching + better classroom management.

Datamation Chromebook carts and cabinets

To make your work easier, our website has solutions organized by the type of Chromebook you are using.   Make a selection below or, if you need more information, click hereContact Datamation Systems

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